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West Point Military Academy's Benny Havens Band Releases Album "Songs That Save Our Lives" Featuring Charlie Daniels & Ryan Weaver

Aug 1 | Posted by: The Weaver Country Army

Ryan is proud to announce his single "Unfriendly Fire," will be the first single released off the West Point Military Academy's Benny Havens Band first ever album. 

The West Point Military Academy's West Point Band has a vast array of responsibilities, some of which are during parades, concerts, sporting events and various academy activities. One of the components of the West Point Band is the Benny Havens Band, a multi-genre high energy performance band that packs a big surprise in its non-traditional entertainment performances. The Benny Havens Band recently released their album, "Song That Save Our Lives," featuring Charlie Daniels & Ryan Weaver.

Download the album at Amazon HERE

Download the album on iTunes HERE 

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