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Ryan Weaver Weaver Country R.E.D. Forj'd Leather Bracelet Featured on FOX's "The Five"

Jun 6 | Posted by: The Weaver Country Army

Ryan Weaver's exclusive R.E.D. leather bracelet was worn on FOX's "The Five" tonight. Heath Smith from Forj'd Leather, an All-American small business owner, hand makes each piece for Ryan, which can be purchased at https://www.forjdleather.com/shop. Show your support for our deployed military service members by wearing your very own Weaver Country R.E.D. Forj'd Leather bracelet!

"I have always worn red on Fridays to continue supporting and bringing awareness to supporting my brothers and sisters in arms who still stand on the front lines against terror. This bracelet is another way to show your pride every single day for our brave men and women currently deployed around the world," Ryan says. "Having the awesome folks at FOX wear my R.E.D. Forj'd Leather bracelet is such a great symbol of their strong support of our military."

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